Administrative and Public Procurement Law

One of our particular focuses here is in the area of public construction law. We support private and institutional builders in obtaining building permits and property owners in defending themselves against neighbourly disturbances ‑ under civil and public law. On top of that, we provide consultation to councils with regard to all town planning issues, in particular in connection with the issue of land-use plans. Further focuses of our consultation are the law on council rates (in particular the defence against unjustified demands for payment and notifications of charges), environmental law and public procurement law.

We also provide consultation to public clients regarding the design and execution of public procurement procedures. Tenderers receive advice and support when participating in public award procedures. Besides, we represent clients and tenderers in verification procedures before the procurement chambers of the states and federation, as well as the public procurement departments of the higher regional courts. In the event of awards below the EU thresholds, we will conduct cases in primary redress proceedings under civil law and will cases in award-related proceedings for damages under public procurement law.

We represent both private individuals and the public sector before administrative courts.