Family and Inheritance law

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer with operating assets? If so, you really should clarify what is to happen in the event of your divorce or death. Experience shows that four out of ten German marriages are divorced within a matter of 25 years of marriage. Unfortunately, experience also shows that this risk is rarely taken sufficiently into account, despite the presence of operating assets, even though the Articles of Association of some companies actually include provisions on this. The same applies to deaths or ‑ worse still ‑ cases in which one becomes dependent on care. Such scenarios very frequently take the affected parties by surprise and force them to deal with consequences for which no provisions were ever made.

We are concerned with preventing such risks that are hard for individuals to evaluate, by providing holistic consultation. This includes advice on concluding prenuptial agreements and agreements on the consequences of divorce, as well as the legal and tax-related planning of wealth succession, including the design of wills and donation agreements, contracts regarding the renunciation of an inheritance and of the legal share of an inheritance, estate division contracts and other precautionary documents. Furthermore, if you wish, we can also provide consultation regarding the setting up of a foundation and planning in order to secure the family assets for future generations.

What if divorce happens? We will of course also handle your divorce, if you wish.