Legal Advice

Avoiding disputes by designing contracts that are clearly structured and worded, and based on the respective conditions is important to us. Sometimes, however, disputes simply are unavoidable. Should this happen, our office will provide support to you or your company throughout Germany.

Each of our lawyers has several focuses, which are partly underpinned by accredited titles of specialisation, double qualifications or scientific activities. As a result of this diversification, our lawyers are in a position to concentrate their further education on their individual focuses. Your benefit: Our lawyers can provide customised high-quality consultation, even if you are dealing with complex legal issues ‑ in a timely manner, prudent and comprehensible.

Our effective team is assisted by several junior lawyers.

By the way: The JUVE publishing house has been listing us among the leading law firms in Hesse since its 2010/11 edition of the Handbuch der Wirtschaftskanzleien Deutschlands (≈ Handbook of German corporate law firms).