Real Estate and Residential Property Law

Are you planning to buy or sell real estate? Are you the joint owner of an item of real estate or the corporate body of a homeowners’ association? Your tenants are not paying their rent? Well, then we are the right point of contact ‑ but not only then.

We provide comprehensive advice with regard to the design of purchase, lease and tenancy agreements for property that is used for commercial or agricultural purposes and forestry operations. We will also seek financing solutions with you and options on how to minimise incidental purchase costs, for example.

We are just as happy to provide consultation in the event of special configurations, e.g. the agreement of usage conditions relating to power generation facilities (combined heat and power units, photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc.). In this area, we cooperate closely with our colleagues from the subsidy consultation team.

Furthermore, we can provide advice in respect of all administrative matters pertaining to real estate, including the termination of the respective usage relationship and all residential property-related issues.

We are also frequently mandated to assume the highly responsible task of receiver of real estate.