Tax and Criminal Tax Law

Hardly any other area in law has grown so far apart from its user as has tax law. Not only that tax law has become unmanageable ‑ even unsystematic in part ‑ with its multitude of laws, administrative directives and judgements. Due to its numerous special regulations, exceptions and counter-exceptions it has simply become incomprehensible to citizens in many parts. We will provide advice in this complex legal field and will not only support you with regard to conducting judicial and extrajudicial proceedings but will, first and foremost, provide advice on structural measures to be taken to avoid the initiation of proceedings in the first place.

Our range of services includes the investigation of tax law-related issues and advice on how to structure the taxes of businesses optimally, in particular in the event of a reorganisation, with regard to succession planning and anticipated succession, and when buying or selling a business. Furthermore, we will support any negotiations you may have with the fiscal authorities in order to obtain binding information and genuine communication and assist with company audits. We will provide consultation on international relations (e.g. the design of German investments abroad and foreign investments in Germany; customs, sales and foreign trade-related matters) as well as group-related information (e.g. transfer prices, licences). In this context we also cooperate closely with our tax consultancy colleagues in our International team of experts.

Should undesired tax effects occur, we will represent your interests in extrajudicial appeal procedures and will assume financial and other representation before court.

What about criminal matters? Our consultation extends to all phases of criminal proceedings when defending tax offences. We provide support from the very start, i.e. from your initial contact with the investigating authority, typically tax investigation, through to dealing with the facts before court. It goes without saying that we also suggest preventive measures and assist you, should you wish to file a non-punishable voluntary disclosure or subsequent tax return.