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Audit-related services

Our many years of experience as auditors and consultants qualify us to provide a wide range of audit-related consulting services:

Company valuations require special knowledge in order to determine appropriate values against the background of the various valuation methods. These depend most notably on the occasion for which a valuation is performed as well as on the respective contracting authority. For example, an expert valuation may be aimed at a generally accepted market value, whereas an assignment by a buyer or seller leads to the determination of the reliable upper or lower limit of a possible sales price.

The above-mentioned audit-related services are closely linked to our other consulting services. For example, tax aspects associated with shareholder changes and company acquisitions must also be taken into account, e.g. in order to make reliable valuations and determine reasonable purchase prices.

Our extensive range of services also includes the performance of business management audits, tax audits, and legal audits for company acquisitions as part of a due diligence audit.

  • Business valuations on the entry or exit of shareholders
  • Business valuations for the calculation of family or inheritance claims
  • Business valuations on mergers or acquisitions
  • Audits of the profitability of investments
  • Creation of integrated planning principles
  • Design and integration of reporting systems
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