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Commercial & corporate law

In addition to tax law, commercial and corporate law is among one of our particular strengths, developed from many years of professional experience. Due to our interdisciplinary consulting approach, we are able to provide you with advice on a uniformly high level with due consideration of both legal fields, from start-up to restructuring and reorganisation and, if necessary, to the liquidation or succession of your company. This also applies to group structuring as well as real estate, venture capital and private equity transactions.

In addition, we support you in close coordination with our colleagues from the structuring consulting department when it comes to the remediation and refinancing of your company. If insolvency is imminent, we will also provide you with advice on the necessary measures to take.

Another focus of our activities is the support of board members and the development of compliance guidelines and concepts for the avoidance of criminal law risks in the company.

Finally, we provide you with advice and support in the judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of your claims and the defence against claims directed against you.

With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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