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A successful business does not end at the border. As a result of globalisation, national borders no longer limit a company's activities. There are interesting markets outside of Germany, too, waiting to be developed and conquered.

However, for a successful market entry or the expansion of market presence abroad, it is important to be familiar with local (cultural, market-specific, legal) peculiarities. In this context, long-term success requires the consideration of legal and tax issues.

Regardless of whether you are only looking to conduct individual transactions abroad, establish representative offices there for sales purposes, set up production companies, purchasing companies or holding companies, or whether you wish to hire employees or take advantage of opportunities to structure assets or investment opportunities on a private level, we will be happy to advise you.

However, in order to ensure that the consultant services provided are of the high quality you have come to expect, it is essential to involve selected experts from the respective national jurisdiction. As we believe this is patently true, we have become members of GGI Geneva Group International AG ( This recommendation network provides us with extensive access to numerous experts in the field of tax advice, business audits and legal advice in many countries around the world.

GGI is a global alliance of independent tax consultants, auditors, business consultants and lawyers. GGI was established in 1995 and has since developed into one of the world's largest interdisciplinary alliances and is represented by more than 600 member offices in well over 120 countries around the world today.

We maintain close ties with many offices in European and non-European countries and can draw on very extensive experience in cooperating with foreign consultants.

GGI is not a network in accordance with section 319b Commercial Code (HGB).

About GGI – disclaimer:

GGI is a global alliance of internationally active professional associations that operate independently of one another. GGI Geneva Group International AG is headquartered in Zurich and acts only as the alliance's administrative unit. Legal or other professional services and/or comparable auditing services for third parties are not provided. Such services are provided exclusively by GGI's member companies in their respective geographical areas. GGI and its member companies are legally independent of one another and organised as separate legal entities. These entities are not related to any parent company or subsidiary, nor can they be considered a partner, joint venture, agent, or network. None of these companies has any form of power of representation or authority (whether actual, apparent, implied, or otherwise) to legally bind or obligate GGI or any of the other professional companies in any manner whatsoever. In return, GGI has no power of representation either and no right to legally bind and obligate a member company. All GGI members are independent companies. As such, they provide their services entirely on their own responsibility and account, without involving GGI and/or member companies.

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