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Special audits

Voluntary and special audits

Voluntary checks increase the acceptance of your financial statements and other documents both by credit institutions and by other addressees. In many cases, the legislator also requires companies to carry out special audits.

Here too, we deploy our highly qualified and highly motivated employees and the modern auditing software based on the general principles of business auditing. However, in contrast to statutory audits, special requirements and specifications of our clients can be considered, allowing us, for example, to focus the audit on specific audit areas, to extend the informative value of our audit reports by adding focal points or to supplement them with special statements.

Our audit services include:

  • Audit of the risk management system
  • Remediation inspections
  • Audit of special-purpose balance sheets
  • Audit of the appropriateness of transfer prices or transfer price documentation
  • Audit and certification of the proper use of funding
  • Fraud audits
  • Dual system audit (DSD audits)
  • Credit assessments
  • Preparation or audit of internal group reporting in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) or IFRS principles

The comprehensive documentation of our activities in a test report tailored to your wishes is a given in this context.


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