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Public procurement

We provide advice to public contracting authorities and contractors in all matters of public procurement law. This notably includes the following main areas of advice:

  • Structuring of award procedures in accordance with the Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV), Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations (VOB/A) and the Ordinance on the Award of Concession Contracts (KonzVgV) (clarification of the legal framework conditions for the respective award, e.g. selection of the correct type of award procedure, comprehensive advice on the preparation of award documents)
  • Ongoing advice on the implementation of award procedures (e.g. evaluation of bids, preparation of award memos, management of negotiation rounds in negotiated procedures, drafting of correspondence with bidders)
  • Advice and representation of bidders in ongoing award procedures, notably advice on the preparation of tender documents
  • Advice on the sale of public-sector property subject to public procurement law (effects of the "Ahlhorn Airport" decision of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (OLG) and resale right jurisdiction)
  • Advice and representation in legal proceedings (review proceedings, summary proceedings in civil court for sub-threshold contracts, damages litigation)
  • Advice on corruption prevention (installation of compliance programs)
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