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One of our central activities is payroll accounting, with due regard to any social security law issues.

Hence, our services include maintaining payroll accounts and providing our clients with the relevant data determined on a monthly basis, as well as – where required by law – transmitting the data to social insurance agencies and tax offices. Examples of some of our activities are routine registration and de-registration with health insurance companies, the preparation of annual reports, the preparation of monthly accounting documents for financial accounting, the annual adjustment of income tax and other related activities.

We will also be happy to assist you with the income tax recognition of attachments, employee loans and work time accounts. In addition, we will be happy to prepare any of the other certificates for you that are required by law in this area, such as notifications for social insurance providers (e.g. U1, U2), for employers, municipalities and courts, for the Federal Employment Agency and for the trade association. Likewise, we will be happy to take care of preliminary payroll calculations for you.

Of course, our payroll expertise team will also advise you regarding the particularities of wages in the construction industry and wage payments in the public sector. In addition to the mere implementation of payroll accounting, we provide answers to any questions related to tax and social security law as well – where necessary, with the help of a lawyer. The focus in this context is on wage design, in particular in order to benefit from tax allowances and tax exemptions.

In addition, we will also be happy to support you in the context of external income tax and social security audits.


Labour and payroll costs represent the highest cost factor in almost all companies. The Minimum Wage Act creates additional challenges. Therefore, the calculation and planning of payroll costs is of key importance in the company. Innovative wage concepts can help save taxes and boost employee motivation.

The area of wages is closely linked to employment law and social security law. Comprehensive knowledge in both legal areas is essential in order to be able to provide legally sound advice. Our expert team of lawyers and specialist lawyers offers you highly qualified and specialised advice in all areas of labour law and social security law, ensuring that you and your questions are always in good hands.

Employment agreements are the basis of cooperation between employer and employee as well as the basis of any claims raised by the employees. Later disputes can already be avoided by clever contract design at the time an employee is hired. In addition, employment relationships are subject to constant change in accordance with the employees' personal circumstances (requests for part-time work, parental & maternity leave, sick leave) as well as due to operational requirements (e.g. fluctuating staffing needs).

German labour law consists of a multitude of individual laws that non-legal experts can no longer keep track of. In addition, new decisions are made by the Federal Labour Court and the European Court of Justice practically every day that must be considered in our daily consulting practice. Our experts in the field of employment law consulting have a maximum of experience, know the latest rulings, and provide you with competent and reliable advice in all areas of employment law. Access to extensive judgment databases ensures that our employees are always able to take the latest developments in case law into account.

Labour court proceedings and disputes with social security providers are not always avoidable and can end up being costly and time-consuming for all parties involved. In the case of extrajudicial and judicial disputes, we champion your interests and give you honest advice regarding your legal prospects.

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