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Annual financial statements

Take advantage of design options and show economic strength

With its main components – balance sheet and profit and loss account – the annual financial statements represents both a reporting-date-related and an economic evaluation of the company's activities. Both the assets as per the balance sheet date and the company's activities can be assessed economically at a single glance.

Financial statements are relevant for many people. They contain important information for the owner of a company, the tax authorities, lending banks, competitors and other parties. While the establishment of the relevant values as well as their presentation in the annual financial statements is determined by legal requirements – there is, however, considerable leeway. Taking advantage of this leeway and thus determining the appropriate presentation of the annual financial statements for the essential objectives is a crucial aspect of our activities in financial statement preparation.

We will be happy to prepare your annual financial statements for you or, alternatively, to assist you in preparing them yourself. Whether we are charged with preparing the financial accounting in our company or whether it is supplied by you makes no difference to us. To the extent that legal requirements allow, we will prepare your annual financial statements in accordance with your wishes and your needs on the dates you specify.

Of course, we will also develop what is referred to as an e-balance sheet for tax purposes on this basis and also deposit or publish the annual financial statements for you in the e-Federal Gazette – to the extent that there is a legal obligation to do so.

Are you familiar with our Online Service Centre? Click through our extensive knowledge database here on our website, learn more about balance sheet disclosure and discover our checklist for ideal balance sheet preparation.

With the help of our financial statements you discover potential for the future:

  • Preparation of your annual financial statement by our experts
  • Disclosure of the annual accounts
  • Analysis (result, assets, cash flow) of your annual financial statement
  • Fiscal balance sheet management (depreciation, accruals/deferrals, provisions)

Take the first step! Talk to us about your annual accounts. We look forward to your email.

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