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International tax law

Tax law becomes extraordinarily important for any company entering the market in other countries. But also private individuals who invest abroad or, for example, own a holiday home have to deal with issues related to foreign tax codes.

Regardless of whether you are merely planning a representative office for your company in another country, want to deploy employees there, establish a branch office or set up a subsidiary, we can assist you with expert personnel. Where profits may also be subject to taxation in other countries, strategies are needed to avoid double taxation. Such double taxation may arise after setting an incorrect course at the time of market entry but may also occur at a later stage.

We would be happy to support you in your market entry or at a later stage. In this respect, we can also provide advice regarding necessary transfer prices or special problems such as function relocations, etc. The application of the provisions of double taxation agreements or other bilateral or multilateral agreements are by no means new to us. The special provisions with which the German tax authorities seek to avoid abusive uses (such as additional taxation, extended tax obligations, exit taxation, etc.) are also of central interest to us.

But also, just making investments abroad as a private individual or even a holiday property can lead to tax issues which should be resolved in advance. This also applies to cross-border gift or inheritance cases.

And should questions arise regarding taxation in other countries, our affiliation with GGI, the world's largest alliance of auditors, tax consultants and lawyers, gives us access to a rich pool of contact firms.

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