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Public health

In our health care practice group, which specializes in the support of hospitals, social and care facilities as well as medical practitioners, a large number of issues regularly need to be solved – also leveraging our interdisciplinary approach.


Our legal services are used especially in view of the particularities of these institutions at the time of their foundation and during their ongoing operation. The focus here is on compliance with the legal requirements (for instance Hospital Act (KHG), Nursing/Care Facilities Accounting Ordinance (PBV), etc.) to which these institutions are subject. We also provide support in the establishment of healthcare centres (MVZ).

The legal advice we provide to the physicians we represent relates in particular to the establishment of joint practices and supra-local professional associations, as well as to the legal structuring of new shareholder accession or the withdrawal of existing shareholders.


We provide comprehensive tax consulting services for the clients we represent. These include traditional activities like supplying general tax advice, preparing statements of excess of receipts over expenditures or annual financial statements, preparing tax returns and providing representation before tax authorities.

An essential part of the support we provide to the physicians we represent routinely concerns issues related to the demarcation of activities in terms of services that are exempt from and those that are subject to VAT. This demarcation must comply with a large number of legal requirements and ensure that the tax authorities do not arrive at different results during their tax audits.

Business audits

We provide our auditing services to several large hospitals in the region as well as nursing and old people's homes (statutory or voluntary audits, as well as special audits). The relevant legal peculiarities, such as the audit having regard to the Hospital Act (KHG) and the Nursing/Care Facilities Accounting Ordinance (PBV), are of course fully complied with.

What most notably distinguishes us here, are our many years of experience in the auditing of these facilities, which we have been able to guarantee for decades through competent auditing teams with experienced auditors.

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