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Aid and subsidy law

Funding bodies

The legally secure granting of aid is an important issue – especially in structurally weak regions and for larger investment projects. Our experts in national subsidy and European state aid law support you in granting benefits without the risk of recovery claims. In this context, we can draw on our extensive and long-standing experience in providing advice on and designing aid measures at the various levels of national and Community law.

Funding recipients

Receiving aid also often involves the need to observe and comply with extensive and complex legal determining factors. Funding decisions are usually associated with many different conditions and requirements. As a result, additional, complex legal matters such as public procurement law often become the basis for the aid. Failure to comply with funding requirements may result in the reduction or even the reclaiming of funding and thus failure of the project. We put our legally secure and constructive advice at your disposal in order to avoid this. We will be happy to support you in terms of coordination and communication with funding bodies. If necessary, we will represent you in formal proceedings, for example, when applying for funding or defending against recovery orders.

  • Examination of the compatibility of state aid with EU state aid law
  • Exemption of state aid under the Block Exemption Regulation (AGVO) and other exemption regulations
  • Design options for municipal business development
  • Sector-specific expertise, especially in the broadband sector (exemption of aid under the NGA framework of the Federal Government and the Block Exemption Regulation (AGVO))
  • Design and coordination of individual notifications to the EU Commission
  • Design of DAWI projects, notably the design of acts of entrustment
  • Advice on the legal structuring of subsidies
  • Strategy advice in the event of unlawfully granted aid
  • Representation in complaint procedures and recovery proceedings before German courts
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